Monday, 10 September 2012

Una Pieza de Fuego. Ensamble Galileo

This time, to continue with Galileo ensamble, here the second release of this group.

1. Ya viene el Cativo
2. Bre Sarica
3. Durme
4. Las mis Penas Madre
5. Ya la Naturaleza Redimida
6. Ya que el Sol Misterioso
7. Un Juguetico de Fuego
8. D'aquel fraire flaco
9. Una Matica de Ruda
10. Esta Montaña d' enfrente
11. Nani, nani
12. Que es esto vengativa ardiente saña 


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Friday, 31 August 2012

Todos Los Bienes Del Mundo. Ensamble Galileo

Ensamble Galileo is one of the mexican ensambles wich specializes in viceroyal, renaissance and sephardic music. Its singer Rita Guerrero has a very soft voice, imprescindible for this kind of  repertoire. Enjoy what mexican baroque music has and the new sephrdic performance. Hear by yourself what religious people said when they went to the New Spain and they noticed what mexican baroque could make to the senses. They shivered and were perplexed cause they felt themselfs as they were in heaven cause they were listening singing the very angels!.

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Ultimate Baroque collection

Baroque lovers musnt miss this cd. This was one wich I started my love into this repertoire. The magnifique performances make of this cd one of the best, just listen who are the directors and the orchestras they lead. I solisti veneti-Claudio Scimone, Orchestre de chambre Jean-François Paillard-Jean François Paillard, The English Baroque Soloist-John Eliot Gardiner and The Amsterdam Baroque orchestra-Ton Koopman.

I know that most of the pieces contained in the cd are very popular and there are hundreds of interpretations, and for sure you'll bump into some later or soon, but listen diferent versions of a same ouvre will increase our understanding and our criteria when in a future in a baroque concert we attend.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Henry Purcell Sacred Music. C majeur

We start with a great jewel of a incredibly composer, Henry Purcell. From my point of view this cd is the most wonderfull ever made of music of this composer. The performance leaded by Timothy Brown is stuning, even higer than those of Alfred Deller.

Enjoy this, my favorite Purcell's discs!

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