Thursday, 30 May 2013

L'Olimpiade - Vivaldi

So long Vivaldi mainly known as an instrumental music composer. True is in fact that he was very prolific also composing opera, oratorios and vocal sacred music. Most of his repertory was still unperformed until year 2000 more or less when the label Naive started a a very ambicious proyect to set in cds the whole scores stored at the Turin library, where there are about 450 woks.


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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Batallar Estrellas

Secular Spanish music in the XVII century. The most popular form of music set for religious feasts was the "villancico" (carols), but they werent constrained to nativity, they were composed by the most prestigious musicians for many celebrations, and the best of all, they were mainly in spanish. This form spread  all over the New World. It comprises a very vast of music and stiles, but many of the scores are lost or incomplete.


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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The four seasons - Vivaldi

Without  a doubt, the most transcendental Vivaldi's oeuvre, the most known and the most played between all the musics in the world. The four seasons "Who doesnt know them?" - words by Handel and also by the musicologist Adolf Scheibe in 1745.

I've listened like 10 different versions of these Vivaldi's masterpieces, and this one and also the cheapest is to me the best. It cost me like 3 dollars only. This version is in some way orthodox-like, it is similar to many other versions, it is soft and plenty of colors, the main violinist show great virtuosity, and mainly of all, it is balanced, characteristic that differs a lot of those versions of Fabio Viondi and Il Giardino Armonico, whose sense of the tempos seems to me exagerated.

Enjoy by yourself this serie of concertos contained in L'estro armonico e dell'invenzione played by la Capella Istropolitana.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Forgotten Castrato Arias - La Dolce Fiamma

Once again The french Philippe Jaroussky makes an outstanding use of his so prodigious voice. This time bringing to life some Arias of one son of Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Christian Bach.

This cd isnt properly baroque, in fact it is in more classical with sprinkles of the baroque period. Even classical, the use of the harpsichord makes think that he was kind of attach for the passed musical stiles, more properly speaking that of his father, but indeed he was following the contemporary trends. Just notice that almost is abset the basso continuo as it was intended.


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