We welcome all the people fascinated with new music. It is ironic, but, since baroque music was out of the scene for practically 200 years, this era is like the renaissance for baroque music.

We hope you can enjoy this fantastic journey that music allows us, full of mystery and imagination. The music posted is itself a Baroque Music Collection. Every single cd has been thoroughly chosen, so, there is absolute confidence in their quality and in their beauty.

All posts will be available  in two main formats: EAC (exact audio copy) flac or ape + cue sheets, alongside with MP3 320 Kbps.

We highly recommend to use flac or ape, since those are lossless formats and they content the audio as in the cd's, beacause is an exact copy!. If any trouble, place a comment or visit the folowing sites, so you can find the programs you need to listen, decompress, to copy in a cd audio or to change to a diferent formats like mp3, ogg, wma,etc.


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