Wednesday, 29 January 2014

In Tempore Nativitatis (Christmas Cantatas) - Bach

Just 13 Christmas cantatas of Bach's survive along with the 3 contained in his christmas oratorio. While appointed at the Thomas Church in Leipzig, he was required to set a cantata for every sunday and for the main church festivities. In total he composed over 300, approximately 200 of which are extant. 

A curious fact is in the first cantata presented "Unser Mond sei voll Lachens" BWV 110, that  opens with an arrangement taken from the Orchestral suite No. 4 BWV 1069.

All in all there are not many words coming up to express what I feel about this cd, sometimes I disagree what the analysis in the booklet says, but the important thing is that each one can have its own judgement about it, just let yourself go through the music.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Concerti Napoletani per Violoncello

Many theatrical music composers like Porpora or Leonardo  Leo were also masters in instrumental music. Regarding the cello repertory, Naples' school became maybe the most prominent around this instrument, and thanks to this school, cello became an obbligato instruments in sacred and secular vocal repertory.

The key piece of this recording is (to me) the Porpora's Cello concerto in G major. The first movement is an adagio, whose orchestration is quite simple, but manage to serve as background for the cello in a very dense way. The second movement (Allegro) is very different to other  cello concerto allegros, it is very brilliant, at the first part, the orchestra plays an equal roll as the cello to gradually be fainted out almost at the end by the virtuosic display of the cello. The second adagio is very pleasant, less dense than the first, but deeper in fluidity and peacefulness. The last movement, an allegro, also very difficult and plenty of ideas that shocks whoever listen to it, it is is an expressiveness that Porpora and others few were able to display.

  The other concertos are also great. Say what do you prefer.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Cantatas Vol III - Alessandro Scarlatti


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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cantatas Vol II - Alessandro Scarlatti


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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Cantatas Vol I - Alessandro Scarlatti

 Alessandro Scarlatti os one of the key figures of the baroque era, he was more prolifiq than his son Domenico, even though less known. His renown comes from his vast output of vocal music, wich most of it is chamber vocal music or cantatas. In the period Scarlatti lived, the cantata was probably  the most popular form of music between the intellectual society, and the most wanted were those composed for a castrato.

One of the facts that rends this music so charming itself, is beacause cantatas were intended for a minimal audience and with a minimal instrumental accompaniment that allow the composer to play with the voice more freely than if it was an opera, because the singer do not have to sing loud and do not have to use remarked vibrato as in opera.   


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Friday, 24 January 2014

I Love Classics - Vivaldi (IV)

The cd starts with a joyful Harpsichord concerto (RV 109), starting with  a very virtuosic allegro for both, strings and harpsichord, followed by a pleasant adagio that sets a sensationg of being in calm just before the storm hits; the concerto finishes with a not less brilliant Allegro that the first movement, equally pleasant, but rather, a movement that brings energy back. Although a harpsichord concerto, it only contains one single solo harpsichord part almost at the end of the first movement.

The third movement of the Mandolin Concerto in D is one of the most beautiful pieces for mandolin ever written, so balanced and cheerful, so dynamic without being in a rush and so touching that reminds me the prelude when children want to play with their new toys. 
The other Oeuvres: four violin concerto RV 580, Oboe concerto RV 461 and the two cello and two violins  concerto RV 575 are also great to listen, do not miss them.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Apollo e Dafne - Handel

Apollo e Dafne is one of the first vocal music attempts by Haendel. It started it about 1709, and completed it in 1710. In this cantata is noticeable the brightness that will appear in his later operatic works. 

Tle plot is about the arrogance of Apollo and his love to Dafne. When Apollo confessed his love to her, she rejected him, arguing that better death than lose her honour, leadind to being grabbed by Apollo. At the end when all seemed lost, she manages to scape becoming a laurel, whose branches will crown the greates heroes.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Júpiter y Semele - Literes

Zarzuela is the common name given to spaniard theatrical music. Its name was grabbed because opera-like music was performed at the "Palacio de la Zarzuela" to entertain Felipe IV. Zarzuela and Opera (Italian one) were higly performed at spanish courts, being zarzuela the one which attracted more atention and aceptance.

Antonio Literes (1673-1747) was known also as a composer of zarzuelas. Júpiter y Semele is attributed to him and was first performed on may 9, 1718, gaining a great success.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Amor che fai? - Caccini

Giulio Caccini (1551-1618) was one of Monteverdi's rivals, at least in the production of monodic pieces like madrigals or arias. He is one whom actively developed  the new baroque stile, and his influece was so widely spread among the new generation of musicians.

His main production is a series of solo madrigals publish in 1601? and in 1614? named both "Le nuove musiche".

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Scherzi Musicali - Monteverdi

The Monteverdi's scherzi differ from his madrigals in that the first are monodic and sung a voce sola with alternated ritornelli. This new practique is also found in his Orfeo (1607), in the 7th book of madrigals and in some madrigals belonging the so famous "Selva morale e Spirituale".

One might thinks of a cheerful character of the  music by judging the name "scherzi", but in fact  it comprises other states, just listen "Si dolce è 'l tormento" or "Ohimè ch'io cado".

Enjoy and subscribe :) !!!
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Friday, 10 January 2014

La Bizarre - Telemann

It's incredible that Telemann mastered almost all (if not all) the music genders of his time, going from solo instrumental pieces with and without basso continuo through sonatas, concertos for a multiple variety of instruments, ouvertures, sacred pieces, sacred and secular cantatas, opera, etc.

Good luck escorted always Telemann. Practically doors opened by themselves when he passed by. It was that or the geniality  always governing him.

Enjoy :)
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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Water Music - Handel, Two violin concertos - Bach

Just to get you in, it's a cd comprising the Handel's water music first suite and Bach's two violin concertos BWV 1041 and 1043. Treasures of the baroque executed by the potsdam baroque orchestra. Really worth to listen it, because its  profundity, measurable execution and the clearance of the performers.

Handel's water music was composed to an open aire performance at the Thames river by a request of King George I in 17 July 1717. 

Enjoy and subscribe :) !

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Piramidal - Barroco Hispanoamericano

 "What art can invite to rest if not music?"

Many composers in Spain and in the New World composed both, sacred and secular music, but it was indistinguishable whether it was sacred music or profane.

Divine tones or human tones are the names given to a diferent arias depending on if they were sacred or profane respectively. No matter what was the topic, the music has no comparison, and the so sweet voice suits very well to the repertory.

Enjoy one of my favorite cd's ever!  :)

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

I Love Classics - Vivaldi III

Once again an awesome series of concertos of the great Vivaldi. It's hard to belive in so much beauty.


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