Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pachelbel Canon - Fasch Concerto for trumpet, 2 symphonies

Probably the most known piece of Pachelbel is his canon in Re major.  The version played here is (to me) the better and the final version of it. Im sure if you suffer a wreckage and found yourself lonely in an desser Island, this is the cd you ought to have. But do not push yourself for the Pachelbel's canon, bacause all tracks are super a very delightful, specially the Pachelbel's suites and the Fasch's symphonies.

This is the kind of cd that will remain for posterity without a doubt. I imagine the sons of my sons enjoying this "piece of art".


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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Oratorio - Bach

Art spanning Christmas has been very common in Christianity. The depiction of the Jesus birth described in the gospels of St Luke and Matthew are the usual view with some variants that took place over the time, specially in the baroque period tha is when it reached the climax. Even now, the force of the baroque related to christmas is in vogue. The depiction of the love and devotion of Mary to the child Christ, Joseph standing aside, the shepherds, and the three wise men or the magi, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar offering gifts in pictures of the most renown baroque masters.

This Oratorio of Bach depicts the Christmas throug Epiphany (6 January). Its music comprises 6 cantatas, three of which are: Hercules auf der Scheidewege BWV 213, Tonet, ihr Pauken Erschaller, Trompeten BWV 214, Preise dein Gluke gesegnetes Sachsen BWV 215. Whose music have been transcribed quite unaltered to the new text for the Oratorio.

Enjoy the most famous christmas oratorio!!!

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Monday, 23 December 2013

México Barroco Puebla VII

Among all the liturgical celebrations in the New Spain, Christmas was at the highest point, so, all years a set of Villancicos (carols) were commisioned to the local chapel master with text by the most celebrated writters of the epoque such as Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

Padilla, born in Málaga Spain and succesor  of the great portuguese composer Gaspar Fernandez as Puebla's cathedral chapel master in 1629. His villancicos are full of joy, and also contained a many varied spaniard characteristics. One thing that, from my point of view that makes these villancicos so appealling, is the fact that were intended to a many varied audience, including the popular castas, thus, popular music tastes are added.

Enjoy!!! and Merry Chistmas  :)

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Friday, 20 December 2013

A Latin American Baroque Christmas

It hasnt been long since latin american baroque music has been dug out, a music that so long had been devalued, but thanks to new studies and the rediscovered new forms of interpretation, we can enjoy once again since the XVIII century.

Music in the "Americas" played a very important role. Maters had commisions for every chrurch festivitie, but, one that comes out over the others is the Nativity. Regarding nativity, no expenses were spared for the chapel masters to make up all sort of carols, anthems, masses, etc.


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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Cantatas - Telemann

Telemann always in high steem in his life time due to his music, specially his sacred output, showing a natural talent-like in those affairs.

The two cantatas spanning this album, were intended for the court of  Eisenach as part of a yearly cycle, even though, Telemann by that time (the time when it is supposed the two cantatas were composed, that it is thought was after 1721) was "non resident musical director" of Eisenach's, but continued to receive assignments.

German christmas music in the XVIII century wasn't as nowadays where "happy" carols are the common. In fact, regarding just the aesthetics, what changes is just the text, comparing with church music for other festivities. Very different for example Spain or the New Spain where christmas carols were at first.

Happy listenning and enjoy!!!

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fandango - Scarlatti

Genoveva Galvez, great harpsichordist, performs some spaniard sonatas belonging to to the first half of the XVIII century, some of them rediscovered not so log from the recording date (1984).

When listening this recording. I confirm my love for the harpsichord's sound, and so more delightful with works of  not so reknown composers (except for Scarlatti and Nebra).

If it liked you my last post of 15 Hapsichord sonatas by Scarlatti, no doubt you'll love this one too.


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Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Baroque Feast - Tafelmusik

With whatever kind of music, there is always a basic repertory, without which, one can't say that is fan of that or whichever music, even though, it's much more remarcable in the so called "classical music" (that in this case is baroque one). Whoever  that is more than 20 and has lived in a city, at least once, I think, have listenned Vivaldi's four seasons, or Handel's fireworks' festival, or one or two Brandenburg concertos of Bach.

The repertory here presented is one of those that mustn't be missed. Who in his five senses would like to miss Handel's the arrival of Queen of Sheba, or the opening of the suite Abdelazar of Purcell, or Marcello's most famous oboe concerto in D, etc.

Enjoy!!!  Subscribe and leave your commentaries, all they are welcome.

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

15 Harpsichord Sonatas - Scarlatti

What would be music like nowadays without Scarlatti Harpsichord's sonatas? No doubt that our overview of music would be changed, perhaps that's the case of Seixas, presumably to have overpassed Scarlatti's musical skills, but who knows, most of his music is lost due to the 1755 Lisbon's earthquake. Some Scarlatti's music was also destroyed in that natural event, but fortunately was retrieve thanks to copies made elsewhere. 

Christophe Rousset is one of the leading harpsichordist currently, and here shows us a great versitality playing some very known Scarlati's sonatas.

Enjoy!!!          All your comments are welcome :)

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Règne Amour - Rameau

Though I'm not a fan of French baroque music, and much less for operatic outputs, this is an an extraordinary exception. Rameau's outstanding music, along with the Ex Cathedra's  experince and the so well fitting voive of Carolyn Sampson for baroque repertory lead to a, so to speak, master cd.

Enjoy!!! and do not forget to subscribe for you to get more baroque works.


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