Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Harpsichord Concertos I, II and III - Bach (Cologne Chamber Orchestra)

Virtuosos, lively, armonious, enchanting, etc. etc., are some of a big positive characteristics that applies to Bach's harpsichord concertos. Concertos that reveal a new face of Bach's astonishing imagination.

Fair and passionate playing of the soloist and of the full accompaniment make of this recording one of the best I've heard, whose well appreciation of the tempo allows them to a better exploit of the music.

Enjoy :)
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Most of the concertos were first conceive for oboe and violin. Although you'll recognize plenty of them,  give a try to this recording.

                                                               Enjoy :)

Enjoy :)
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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Anna Magdalena Notebook - Bach

"The Leipzig choirmaster' s household was a beehive of activity". It is also a quite good characteristic that can be assumed to the notebook dated of 1725 written by the second wife of the Thomasschule cantor. A notebook full of exquisite miniatures by Bach's sons, J. S. Bach himself and a series of musicians closed to Bach's Family, that explains in part the colorful range to these enchanting pieces which brightened up once Bach's household.

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